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River Vuoksi

For anybody interested in the traditional way of fishing on river Vuoksi, which origins from late 17th century when trouts came down from lake Saimaa and salmon swam all the way from lake Ladoga to Vuoksi. In that period of time a group of professional rowing guides was born, who took high priority guests fishing to the river. Today river Vuoksi has many dams, so salmon from lake Ladoga is not possible, but there is stocked trout for fishing and also endangered natural born trouts in the area.

It's possible to fish on the river all year round, but during winter there might not be many possible dates, because of cold and demanding circumstances. Usually best time to catch trout during spring is the end of April - May - beginning of June and in fall November and beginning of December. For perch and zander best times are usually July, August and beginning of September. Season changes every year according to water temperature and movements of vendace, which is usually the favorite snack for predator fish.

Possibility to experience a traditional way of fishing with a handmade wooden rowing boat and with handmade lures. There is no electric equipment on the boat and only transitions to upstream are made with an outboard motor. So being close to nature and ecology are present in this form of fishing. Easy way for experienced anglers to learn how to move around and fish with a professional guide.

Fishing is done using trolling with two rods. Guide rows the boat through the best places to catch a fish. During warm water season we have also spinning rods, if you want to try to catch perch or zander. Fishing for trout with spinning rods is also possible from boat, but it takes little bit of experience of casting from the angler. Our most used lure is called nirha, a top water lure that has traditions all the way from the beginning of the 20th century. Fun way of catching fish with nirha, because the lure swims on the surface of water, so possible strikes can also be seen.


WHAT IS INCLUDED: Guiding, boat, fishing equipment, safety equipment, Vuoksi fishing licence.


PRICE: 170€ / 3h, 320€ / 6h. VAT 10%.




DURATION: 3-6 hours, times are always agreed per customer.


LANGUAGES: Finnish, English.


RESPONSIBILITY: On our trips a responsible way of fishing is always obeyed. Endangered species are always set free carefully and on our boat is a special container, where it's easy and safe to get hooks off from fish. There is stocked trout that you can take with you (2 pieces/boat) if the legal measurement +50cm is met. For perch, zander and pike we have measurements of size under which you can take a fish. Bigger ones go back to the water for protecting fish population in the future. With zander there is also a legal minimum measurement.


CUSTOMER PREPARATION: You will need clothing suitable for the weather and circumstances on the river. Ask tips for clothing from us.
You will also need to pay a fisheries management fee. You can find the permit and more information here


AVAILABILITY: All year round, but during winter, days might be very limited because of the demanding and cold weather. Trout fishing from end of April to the beginning of June and in November and the beginning of December. Perch and zander fishing in July, August and beginning of September.


SKILL LEVEL: Beginners, intermediate and advanced anglers, or just for people who are interested in fishing and moving around river Vuoksi.

MEETING POINT: Usually starting point is at Vuoksi fishing park, located at Varpasaarenpolku 12, 55120 Imatra. Also possible to start trip at the higher part of the river above Tainionkoski dam, or below the Imatrankoski dam.


AGE LIMIT: There are no strict age limits, but recommendation is 7+ and it's good if you use your own consideration, because fishing always takes patience.

WHEN TO RESERVE YOUR TRIP: At least one day in advance, but if you reserve your trip several days in advance, there is a much better chance to make it work.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: During winter a fiberglass boat is in use. Ask for tips regarding accommodation and food service in the area, if needed.

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