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Lake Saimaa


On our lake Saimaa fishing trips, usually the main target is perch or zander, but often pikes like to swim around in the same are, so they can be a possible catch also. Fishing is done with spinning rods from boat with jigs, different kind of casted lures, or angling from under the boat. Trips are made with a big motor boat which has much space to fish or travel on the lake safely and comfortably even with a bigger group or family.

A trip to Saimaa is a great experience for anyone interested in fishing or visiting lake Saimaa with a boat. Suitable from beginners to experienced anglers and trips can be organized by the wishes of the client. Just for fishing, trying different techniques and exploring the under water world with modern sonars. It's also possible to just cruise lake Saimaa with the boat to enjoy views, visiting islands and not to forget, enjoy the food made out of what Saimaa offers.

Season starts once the lake is free from ice after winter, usually from the beginning of May to fall when the lake starts to freeze again, usually around the end of October. Best time to catch perch is often late in the summer or beginning of fall, somewhere around August or beginning of September. But there is always fish to catch through the open water season.

Lake Saimaa offers unforgettable moments with fishery, landscapes of big open water and opportunities that many islands give. Sunset with tasting food, or big pail of perches gives you moments to remember.


On Saimaa we travel with a big motor boat named Oiva, which is built to endure tough conditions and big waves. Fishing is done by casting with lures and we have a lot of modern electronic devices to help search for fish to catch. While anchored we can use a live sonar system (Lowrance Active Target 2) to explore under water life and see how the fish react to lures and baits.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Guiding, fishing equipment, safety equipment. On a full day trip we offer warm food, coffee and sweet crepes. Half day trip you can choose between warm food or coffee and sweet crepes.
Food served on the boat is always caught from lake Saimaa, but for special needs or allergies, just ask us.

PRICE: 500€/day, 8h, max 5 persons. 270€/half day/evening, max 5 persons. 24 % VAT.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 1-5persons, contact us about bigger groups.

DURATION: 4-8 hours. Please contact us for longer trips, even overnight or several nights if needed.

LANGUAGES: Finnish, English.

RESPONSIBILITY: On our trips a responsible way of fishing is always obeyed. Endangered fish are always set free carefully. With perch, zander and pike we have measurements under which you can take the fish, so big ones are released to secure fish population in the future. For zander there is also a legal measurement of its size. The amount of fish that you can take with you is considered in a responsible and sensible way and we have a stew on the boat for keeping the fish fresh and alive for taking it or setting free.

CUSTOMER PREPARATION: Please prepare your clothing to match the weather. You can take your own snacks, or drinks if you want to. Specially water can be good to have with you if the weather is really hot. 

You will also need to pay a fisheries management fee. You can find the permit and more information here

AVAILABILITY: Through open water season, usually beginning of May to end of October.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner, intermediate, experienced.

MEETING POINT: Imatra boat harbour, Lammassaarentie 11, 55420 Imatra.
There is a gas station for boats on the shore and a big pier where you can hop on to boat and start your trip.    

AGE LIMIT: For all ages, but with client consideration. Fishing can take some patience.

WHEN TO RESERVE YOUR TRIP: At least one day in advance, but if you reserve your trip several days in advance, there is a much better chance to make it work.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Boat has a cabin, which can be heated during cold or rainy days. Ask us for tips regarding accommodation and food services in the area, if needed.

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