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Boat transportations on lake Saimaa

Transportations on lake Saimaa with big motor boat. If you are going cycling around islands, camping or want to go fishing by yourself or with a group to the center of lake Saimaa.

Boat transportation is available through the open water season, starting usually at the beginning of May until the end of October. Always depending on weather circumstances.

Our boat transportation is an easy and safe way to travel on lake Saimaa with a professional driver and a steady boat. For transportations we use a boat called Oiva, brand Kalaisa 8. She has lot of room for equipment and persons and also a cabin that can be heated during cold or rainy weather.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Transportation, help with loading the boat. 

PRICE: starting from 30€/person. VAT 10%.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 1-7 persons, ask for bigger groups if necessary.

DURATION: Depending on location of trip. Boat's travel speed is 7 knots.

LANGUAGES: Finnish, English

RESPONSIBILITY: The driver of the boat is a professional who knows the areas of the southern part of lake Saimaa and has degrees on professional boat service.

CUSTOMER PREPARATION: Dressing up for weather. Depending on the number of people on board, everyone might not fit into the cabin.

AVAILABILITY: From May to October, depending on the weather.

MEETING POINT: Always depending on the trip, but usually it's Imatra harbour, Lammassaarentie 11, 55420 Imatra.

AGE LIMITS: No age limits, but with passenger consideration.

WHEN TO RESERVE YOUR TRIP: At least one day in advance, but if you reserve your trip several days in advance, there is a much better chance to make it work.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Ask us for tips regarding accommodation and food services in the area, if needed.
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