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Tyynelän Uistin

Tyynelän Uistin

Handmade lures from Imatra, Finland.

Wobblers and surface lures called nirha can be used for trolling or casting methods. Mainly they are targeted to salmon related fish, but you can use them for all predator fish.

With surface lure nirha you can do fishing in top water or sinking it every now ant then and then again getting it on top of the water. This kind of lure imitates a wounded fish and its struggling that will the get attention of predator fish. The current of river or changes on your reeling will give a lot of movement to the lure that attracts fish to strike. Attacks or strikes of the fish are fun to see when you are fishing on the surface of the water.

Wobblers are equipped with a single hook and bearing to it, so when fish is hooked it will stay on during battle. With a single hook, it's easier to release endangered and small fish. 

Balanced lures or jigs for ice fishing are mainly targeted for bigger perch, but you can use them for all predator fish. There are two types of lures that have different swimming styles and size. Bigger is made "lightened", that gives a very smooth and slow swimming style. Smaller one moves faster and has a more straight forward kind of swimming style.

Lures are handmade from beginning to end at a one man shop, so manufactured series are very small and availability changes a lot. Every lure is individual and colors change in every manufactured series.

Prices (including Vat 24%)
Wobblers 20,90€/pc
Nirha (surface lure) 20,90€/pc
Small balanced lure 21,90€/pc
Big balanced lure 26,90€/pc

You can buy lures from Vuoksi fishing park at Imatra or from my shop by contacting me via text message, whatsapp or email.

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