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Tyynelän Uistin

Handcrafted wobblers and nirhas made in Imatra

Wobblers and nirhas can be used for trolling or rowing. The single-hook nirha is also suitable for cast fishing. The main prey fish are salmon and trout, but other predatory fish may also be caught.

Nirhas are usually used on the surface of the water, occasionally sinking the nirha and allowing either flow or reeling to create an attractive movement. Nirha is a lure that mimics a damaged small fish and trying out different ways of reeling, you can find your own unique style. Because the nirhas swim in the surface water, any bites are fun to follow.

The wobblers of Tyynelän Uistin are single-hook with a cutter, which ensures that the fish stays well hooked during reeling. The single hook makes it easier to detach when undersized or endangered fish are caught. The wobblers are available with a straight or saddle-shaped plate. With a straight plate, swimming is denser and side to side movement is smaller, while with a saddle plate, swimming is more demanding and bigger.


Prices (incl. VAT)
Wobblers 25 € each
Nirhas 25 € each

You can purchase lures from Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto in Imatra or by contacting us via phone or email. Details at the bottom of the page. 

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